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Intending to get yourself a better living space is never a mistake, but giving the work to the wrong person is. You definitely need to know what really suits you before you spend your time and energy on it. At Mr. Architecture, we have varieties of package that answers exactly your imagination when it comes to detailed design and documentations.

Are you in Newcastle? Let us use our invaluable skill to make your project a reality.

Two storey extension

If you ever want to consider an optimum floor space for your property, it is best to consider a Two storey building, which is a cost-effective way of achieving land maximization. By so doing, you can plan big things in your garden when space is adequately optimized. Most importantly, your structure longevity is ensured due to the light bottom weight. Unlike large single-storey extension projects in which there is an expansive living space, however, there is no provision for sleeping accommodation. At Mr. Architecture, we know exactly what you need to make your dream  a reality

Single storey extension

We consider a single storey design for extended families. The structure is mostly a rear extension and sometimes a side extension in which there is a chance for more space. 

Asides giving your house the space it deserves, you are also entitled to brightness from natural light, thereby creating a healthier and natural way of life. Wouldn’t you like to create an atmosphere where a garden is close to you like your dining? Work with us at Mr. Architecture; we are always there for you.

Loft conversion

Extending a structure could be more damaging and expensive. At Mr. Architecture, we are committed to reducing your cost while you get the best. In the stead of damaging your home all for space, we offer Loft conversion, which is an excellent solution to adding more space to their home with an extension. Don’t bother abandoning your current home, talk to us today, and have the best of experience.

Garage conversion

Convert your garage whenever you feel a need for more space in your living room; you deserve a better breathing space. You don’t need extension or relocation, and the good news is that the garage conversion process is a cheap project, and we assure you of about 10% value addition to your home.

Mr. Architecture is the best for this job because conversion needs careful planning so that the new plan doesn’t contradict the existing one.

Dormer window design

To be sure of our expertise, we know it when any of the above doesn’t suit you need. We employ a dormer window design where it might be challenging to use loft conversion or an in the case of a house that can’t extend to two full storeys. To achieve this perfect way to headroom and more, trust us with your design

New build houses

Architecture is concerned majorly with the design and perfection of households; then we at Mr. Architecture must work to ensure the perfect upbringing of private homes through our topnotch designs to suit the client’s need. Our client’s satisfaction is our utmost priority. We don’t rest unless you get the best out of our carefully crafted designs.

understanding of the Client. Free from the constraints of other building types, the Architect and Client can create a unique home centred purely on the Client’s desires.


Sunrooms to most people have no comparison, maybe because it’s entirely made of glass, which is the reason for gives it a completely different look from room addition. Since sunrooms are loved by many, we spend our time to get the best designs ever.

architect newcastle upon tyne plans for extension architecture plans and elevations architects architect near me planning planning portal planning permission planning applications planning practice guidance planning newcastle architecture architecture newcastle architecture sketches architectural plants architectural drawing architectural technologist architectural & construction services architectural services architectural services near me Extension (two storey) An extension or addition to your house is considered to be permitted development, not requiring an application for planning permission, provided certain limits and conditions are met. On designated land extensions of more than one storey are not permitted development. * Designated land includes national parks and the Broads, Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, conservation areas and World Heritage Sites. Extensions (including previous extensions) and other buildings must not exceed 50% of the total area of land around the original house. The term ‘original house’ means the house as it was first built or as it stood on 1 July 1948 (if it was built before that date). Although you may not have built an extension to the house, a previous owner may have done so. * Sheds and other outbuildings must be included when calculating the above 50% limit. Maximum eaves and ridge height of extension no higher than existing house. If extension is within two metres of a boundary maximum eaves height should be no higher than three metres to be permitted development. Extensions of more than one storey must not extend beyond the rear wall of original house by more than three metres or be within seven metres of any boundary opposite the rear wall of the house. Roof pitch of extensions higher than one storey to match that of the existing house, as far as is practicable. Materials used in exterior work to be similar in appearance to those of the exterior of the existing house. Any upper-floor window in a wall or roof slope in a side elevation must be obscure-glazed and non opening unless the parts which can be opened are more than 1.7 metres above the floor of the room in which it is installed. No balconies or verandas are permitted development. Loft conversion (roof extension) 1. Loft conversions are NOT permitted development for houses on designated land. 2. To be permitted development any additional roof space created must not exceed these volume allowances: 40 cubic metres for terraced houses. 50 cubic metres for detached and semi-detached houses. Bear in mind that any previous roof space additions must be included within this volume allowance. Although you may not have created additional space a previous owner may have done so. 3. An extension beyond the plane of the existing roof slope of the principal elevation that fronts a highway is NOT permitted development. 4. Materials to be similar in appearance to the existing house. 5. No part of the extension to be higher than the highest part of the existing roof. 6. Verandas, balconies or raised platforms are NOT permitted development. 7. Any side-facing windows must be obscure glazed and non-opening unless the parts which can be opened are more than 1.7 metres above the floor of the room in which it is installed.