Is planning permission necessary?

Is planning permission necessary?

Planning Permission, in simple terms, is like asking if you can do a certain piece of building work. It will be granted (possibly subject to certain conditions) or refused.

Parliament has given the main responsibility for planning to local planning authorities (usually, this is the planning department of your local council). Therefore, if you have any queries about a particular case, the first thing to do is to contact your local planning authority.

It is your responsibility for seeking, or not seeking, planning permission. If required, it should be granted before any work begins.

Expansion of our house is an exciting and most likely value-adding project, but there are some realistic and administrative hurdles. From the process to draft a plan to source the builders, you will be shocked to know how much time it will require.

To wait for your planning permission or permitted development certificate is such an awful thing. This process requires 8-10 weeks, but one thing we recommend you that not to start building without it. Otherwise, you will be legally bound to retract all of your work at your expenditure.

Don’t worry, this problem comes at the very start of the building process, you can get rid of it when the permission will granted.

Benefit of the planning application

When you considering the extension in the future, creating unique designs,  and submission of the planning application can make possible for you to know what is and not possible for your home.


  • Now you have three year time and it is too much to decide that in future you will make your building or notes 

Which type of planning do you need?


  • Planning Permission?
  • Permitted Development?


When your local authorities approve or reject your building proposal, this process is called planning permission.


The acceptance or refusal made by the authorities on the base of following…


  • The structure
  • Background of your property
  • Policy of planning
  • Local laws of that particular area


While in permitted development rights are come after planning permission like installation of solar panels, roof space conversions and a lot of other modifications to your property.


These rights are not applied to flats or properties within selected areas.


Where planning permission is not required?


When your building structure or designs fall under the category of permitted development rights, the planning permission is not required. But we suggest you apply for a legal certificate. You face no difficulty when you want to sell your building.


How do I recognize that my project required planning permission?


You can book your free consultation call with our experts now. Our experts answer all your questions gladly about your building project. They suggest you if either you will need planning permission or not. 



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