How much an architect charge?

How much an architect charge?

After purchasing a house the second biggest investment is the extension you will undertake. But the extension is a thing that adds more value to your existing house.

In the field of architecture, there are different stages. Different architecture demands different costs.

As MR. ARCHITECTURE has a lot of experience in the field of architecture, we want to be clear as possible with our pricing. MR. ARCHITECTURE will help you to avoid being burned anywhere else.

What services do architects charge for on an extension?

A classic architect will charge you for an extension built in the UK as follows

On-site planning

Different firms will offer this for free.

Planning package

This includes

  • Measured surveys
  • Drafting of preliminary designs
  • Revisions
  • Preparing the application
  • Documentation for planning permission
  • Documentation for a lawful development certificate.

3D renders

If you want 3D renders, it will cost further £500 to £1000

Building regulations

When you ask your architect to prepare a design according to the building regulations or hire a structural engineers and party wall surveyors you need £1500 to cover all.

Collectively the cost would go round about £3750-4750 before your build


How much MR. ARCHITECTURE does charge?

When you compare MR. ARCHITECTURE with other firms, we cut the cost bare minimum by our intelligent decisions about how to run your plan smoothly. It will be better for both of us.

Three packages we offer in this

  1. Concept-From £250

What is included in it?

  • Specialist consultation
  • Access to our professionals
  • Link to online project manager
  • Floor plans
  • 2d designs
  • Project guidance and project aftercare
  • Keeps things simple
  • Possible designs solutions
  • Helps to look at one’s home possibilities


  1. Planning-from £720

What is included in it?

  • Specialist consultation
  • contact with our online project manager
  • A measured survey of your building
  • 2D revisions
  • One set of revisions
  • Planning agent services
  • Cover everything from design to planning
  • Ideal for homeowners who have a pre-existing drawing
  1. Building regulations-from £775


Once you obtain planning permission the next thing is to gain building regulations.

Here MR. ARCHITECTURE provides a package.

This allows you to gain project approval from your building control authority. This also provides a better standard to build your project.

  1. ARCHITECT takes the drawings used for your planning applications. We provide all the details of a technical drawing. We help you to take steps that make your construction ready.

In all our packages these are the starting prices. When we move further we will discuss what your house needs and adjust the charges accordingly.

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