Does loft conversion require planning permission?

Does loft conversion require planning permission?

Here experts of MR. ARCHITECTURE provide you assistance in all these planning hoops.

There are too many kinds and shapes of loft conversions. For this planning permission will depend on the followings

  • Which type of loft conversion is
  • What is the size of the loft conversion
  • Which type of house you are living
  • In which area of the UK you are living

Detailed permitted development rights

As each extension or conversion do not need planning permission, the UK’s government set a format to have more house owners extending their properties by giving them permitted development rights.


To qualify for these rights your conversion must fulfill following parameters…

  • If you are living in the terraced housed you must not add more than 40 cubic meters to the roof space. However, the government allows 50 cubic meters for detached houses.
  • No extension will go beyond the existing roof slope (in case of highway on the front)
  • Any extension cannot be taller than the highest part of the roof
  • All the elements and material should be similar to the existing house
  • There should be no verandas, no balconies, no raised parts
  • Side windows should be obscured
  • The roof extension should not lie over the outer face of the wall.


Naturally, these rules can be somewhat confusing specifically if you are going to make your first conversion. To make sure things gone in the right direction, MR. ARCHITECTURE recommends you to hire our experts. Our experts’ team assures you that permitted development rights are used well and right.

Lawful development certificate

When you have attained your permitted development rights MR. ARCHITECTURE suggests you obtain a lawful development certificate.

  • This certificate will protect you from local authorities and also attract the coming buyer that your house project was legal at the time of construction.
  • This will also protect you when the permitted development rights began to change.
  • This will ensure to them that all the guidelines have been met

In case of violation


If your project is found to be violated the rules and regulations laid down by the government, you can face heavy fines and even chance to demolish your construction by the authorities.


Homes that require planning permission


  • As the permitted development rights are not applied to all house types you need planning permission in followings
  • Flats
  • Listed buildings
  • The homes which are in conversation areas

Types of loft conversions

There are three options the homeowner may go


  1. Roof light loft conversion

When you simply add in windows reinforce the floor to transform it into a comfortable living space. You do not alter it at all.


It needs planning permission rarely


  1. Dormer loft conversion
  • Dormer loft conversion id the most famous type of loft conversion.
  • It is a simple flat roof dormer
  • A structural extension which projects vertically from the slop of the existing roof.
  • It creates a box shape
  • Generally it requires no dramatic change
  • It allows for the installation of conventional windows

                  Planning permission is not mostly required

  1. Mansard loft conversion
  • Constructed by raising the party wall
  • The roof will remain the same
  • One outer wall slope slightly inwards
  • This loft usually found at the rear of the house
  • They are appropriate for many types of property

               Planning permission is often required


How MR. ARCHITECTURE can help…

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