Is planning permission necessary?

Expansion of our house is an exciting and most likely value-adding project, but there are some realistic and administrative hurdles. From the process to draft a plan to source the builders, you will be shocked to know how much time it will require.

Does loft conversion require planning permission?

There are too many kinds and shapes of loft conversions. For this planning permission will depend on the followings:
- Which type of loft conversion is
- What is the size of the loft conversion
- Which type of house you are living
- In which area of the UK you are living

How much does rear extension cost?

The price of your project will depend upon the size of e extension you need. Generally, it can cost between £1200 and £1500 per m2. This could rise in London and the south east to £1500 and £2000 per m2. Suppose if you are interested to build a 5m X 5m extension this would cost around £30,000.

Is my house appropriate for a loft conversion?

Conversion of your loft is ever well-liked way of adding space and value to your house.

Who grants the permitted development rights?

Parliament grants the permitted development rights. These rights are the general planning permission. When your project plans restricted by the authorities this allows you to achieve your plan by submitting a planning application.

How much an architect charge?

After purchasing a house the second biggest investment is the extension you will undertake. But the extension is a thing that adds more value to your existing house. In the field of architecture, there are different stages. Different architecture demands different costs.